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Who Am I

My name is James Harding, an IT Professional based in the UK. Over 15 years experience and 40 certifications in the IT sector.

What I Do

Currently head of Customer Sucess at RightMarket (SaaS). I created Foxlite as a base for the software, websites and apps that I create, as well as a platform for sharing new concepts and ideas.

What is new

Currently, I am working on two new applications. The first is called Petsoft. Petsoft is an online application for Pet Businesses to manage their clients and business. The second is Evie's Names. Evie's Names is a Baby Names Generator.


Web design

Over 15 years experience in creating websites of all shapes and sizes.

App Development

Fundamental knowlege of App Development, with ongoing active development and learning in this field.


Extensive experience with anayltical tools such as Google Analytics, SalesForce and Hubspot.

Customer Success

Active experience as a Customer Success Manager. Supporting clients through onboarding, adoption and growth.


Knowledge of several eCommerce platforms including PrestaShop, Zen Cart and OpenCart.

Content Development

Building page rank through effective content development and use of CMS systems such as wordpress.


A strong understanding of the importance of brand awareness. Ensuring all solutions are on brand.

Video & Animation

Video and Animations are a great way of getting messaging across to end users.



BSc Computing (Hons)

A 'First' from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, UK.

Google Certified

Currently Google Certified in Online Marketing Fundamentals.

Hubspot Certified

Qualified in Hubspot CRM with certifications valid until 2020.

LinkedIn Academy

Over 30 current certifications from the LinkedIn Academy.

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